If a member of your team, a colleague or a friend you work with is struggling, please know we can help.

Encourage them to take a look at this website to find out more about the Resilience Hub.

You could discuss the Resilience Hub with them, mention it generally in a team meeting, drop the link into an email to them or even in a text.

Our team at the Resilience Hub has put together these helpful hints and tips on supporting others struggling with their mental health.

Here are some helpful contacts for ethnic minority colleagues and friends.

Through the Resilience Hub, it really is quick and easy for them to access support and it will be tailored to what best suits them and their needs.

We have a quick, online assessment form that helps them to reflect on how they’re feeling.

Following that, if they feel they need extra support, they can refer themselves to the Resilience Hub if they’re happy for you to do so, you can complete the form on their behalf.

Stories from our service users

Some of those helped by the Resilience Hub have kindly
agreed to share their testimonials.