It can be really hard to see someone you love struggle with their mental health.

It can also often be really hard to know how to help.

As well as supporting all public sector workers in Lancashire and South Cumbria struggling with the Psychological effect of Covid-19, the dedicated staff at The Resilience Hub can help your loved ones too if they live with you. 

Please encourage them to take a look at this website to find out more about the Resilience Hub.

You could discuss the Resilience Hub with them or drop the link into a text or message on social media.

It really is quick and easy for them to access support and it will be tailored to what best suits them and their needs.

We have a quick, online assessment form that helps them to reflect on how they’re feeling.

Following that, if they feel they need extra support, they can refer themselves to the Resilience Hub here (link opens in new tab).

Complete a quick self-assessment
form to see how you’re doing

Or, you can pick up the phone and give us a quick ring: 01772 520228 or email us at:

After completing the self-assessment, if you feel you need extra support, you can refer yourself to the Resilience Hub by clicking the submit button.

Everything you tell us is confidential - we will not need to tell your work that you have been in touch.

If you refer yourself to the Resilience Hub you can expect to hear from us within 3 working days and you will be offered an appointment to have a conversation with a caring member of the Resilience Hub team.

This conversation is an opportunity to think about what it is you are struggling with and what help and support may be of benefit to you.

You can find out more about the Resilience Hub on this website, including more about the support our staff can offer, who can access the help and testimonials from those who have already benefited from the service.

Stories from our service users

Some of those helped by the Resilience Hub have kindly
agreed to share their testimonials.