There’s absolutely no doubt that the psychological strain of Covid-19 has taken its toll on everyone; the people you know, the people you walk by on the street, the people you care for, your colleagues…

If it’s taken its toll on you and you work in the public sector, please do get in touch - it really is ok not to be ok.

It is quick and easy to access support through the Resilience Hub and it will be tailored to what best suits you and your needs.

Complete a quick self-assessment
form to see how you’re doing

Or, you can pick up the phone and give us a quick ring: 01772 520228 or email us at:

After completing the self-assessment, if you feel you need extra support, you can refer yourself to the Resilience Hub by clicking the submit button.

Stories from our service users

Some of those helped by the Resilience Hub have kindly
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