Welcome to the Lancashire and South Cumbria Resilience Hub

The psychological strain of Covid-19 has taken its toll on everyone; the people you know, the people you walk by on the street, the people you care for, your colleagues, your people.

But what about you?

You have been working hard through what has been one of the most challenging times in living memory. It’s often been hard to take that time for yourself when there’s so many people who rely on you.

The Lancashire and South Cumbria Resilience Hub is here to help you find what you need, whether you’ve been struggling to get by or you just feel you’ve been feeling under the weather.

Who can use the Resilience Hub?

The Lancashire and South Cumbria Resilience Hub is intended as a support resource for all public sector workers and volunteers who have worked through the Covid-19 pandemic and their families.

This includes everyone from those who work in the NHS, local authorities and councils, ambulance service staff, care home workers, those working in social care and community workers.

We are hoping that the Hub will eventually be able to operate as a resource for everyone who has felt the psychological strain of Covid-19.


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